Time Limit to File Injury Claim

TIME IS NOT ON YOUR SIDE. Be aware of the Statute of Limitation Deadline which allows you to file a lawsuit claim for you personal injury within a specific time frame. If you pass the Statute of Limitations deadline, your right to file a lawsuit for you case will be expired. Furthermore, there are certain documents, applications and claims which need to be set up and filed properly within certains deadlines as well.

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Injury Lawyers FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Not only drivers can claim compensation for road accidents. You can seek compensation for car accident injuries if you were a driver, passenger, pedestrian or if the injuries were caused by a car accident while you were riding a bike or motorcycle.  If its a child that was involved in an accident, a parent or legal guardian can pursue a accident compensation claim on their behalf and act as the Administrator.

Some forms of compensation include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Disfigurement
  • Physical disability
  • Emotional and mental suffering
  • Mental disability
  • Damage to property

A few short questions answered by you will help us determine if you have a valid case, who will pay for your medical bills, if you can get treatment, and how best to proceed from this point.  We then connect you with our attorneys with the top education, experience and expertise to maximize the compensation you deserve.

We will fully investigate your case and obtain the necessary materials concerning the liability issues and injury issues in your case, as well as amount of coverage available, we can more accurately estimate the value of your case. After we have sufficient information, we will be able to provide you with a reliable comparative estimate.

We’ve invested millions of dollars in pre-settlement funding since 2007.  Over the years we’ve come across the top attorneys with personal injury expertise.

As investors, and as part of our vigorous underwriting techniques, we’ve found that the most important aspect of any case is working with experienced, knowledgeable personal injury attorneys is the key to a successful outcome.  We know who these attorneys are from our experience in the field.  We have the data to make an informed, educated decision when recommending the right attorney for you.

We treasure the importance of open communication between attorney and client. You will be informed whenever there is anything significant happening and periodically given a status update. All of your calls requesting any updates or questions you may have will be promptly returned.

It is difficult to predict the exact time; however, as the case progresses we can estimate a time frame from similar cases in the past with your specific injuries.  We will gather all the necessary records and begin negotiating your claim as soon as all of your treatments have been completed to give us a clearer understanding of the severity and extent of your injuries.

It’s important to bring any information regarding your case you may have.

Helpful Documents:

  • accident reports
  • any medical reports such as MRI or Xray scans
  • other party’s insurance information
  • photographs or video of the incident

If you don’t have any of this information available, don’t worry, your lawyer will be able to get it for you.